6-pot rear brakes

6pot rear


K-sport 6 Piston Rear Brake Kit has 356x32mm brake rotor and is suitable for 18 inch wheels or above. When the components of the kit are worn, such as the brake discs or brake bands, AP parts can be fitted onto our brake kit. Also, the brake pads from the following well-known brands: AP, FERODO, MINTEX, EBC, PAGID, CARBON METALLIC AND HAWK can be fitted onto our kit. 1. Any application of brake kit doesn't appear on our application guide can be customized to meet our customer's requirements. 2. There are race pad and sport pad for your options. Anodized orange and black our standard caliper colors. 3. You can choose other colors for powder coating to match your vehicle as well and the lead time is longer. Any powder coating caliper per pair is required extra fees.


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