Track Racing Coilovers

track racing


* This kit is suitable for track racing purpose. We, K-SPORT, have more experiences to setup different cars for track racing for many years. In order to customize our customers' cars have perfect performance, our customers should fill out all information on the Specification Form, and we will customize this kit to meet our customers' requirements. * There are 36-way dampening settings-It is possible to satisfy the demands of any road surface. * 6061 Aluminum upper mount to enhance the handling. McPherson coilovers have pillowball upper mount to adjust the camber. * Through our drive of racing team to test the performance of coilover kit in practice, we determinate the appropriate setup for track racing. * The setup of valve is for track racing purpose. This design which meets racer requirements completely and win in 1/1000 min. * The most important function for ride height adjustable is avoided to compress the spring by the spring seat caused the unusual sound when you change the ride height or lower the vehicle too much caused the spring seat does not snug the spring, that will damage the coilover. The coilover can be dropped 100mm~120mm from OE ride height. * In order to reach the best grades and handling, we produce this coilover for track racing purpose only not street. The point of race design is light-weight. K-sport coilover use aluminium materials to meet the requirements of light-weight. * Any application that doesn’t appear on our application guide can be customized to meet our customer’s requirements. * 3D pillowball upper mount adjust the camber and caster for customer options. * All applications listed on our website are for 2WD model unless we specify 4WD. * The "model year" defined for each application on our website might be different to the ones in each country; therefore, please confirm the "production years" with us if you cannot make sure. * Track racing suspension kit is made specifically for your personal use so both front and rear struts are customized for you. Wide range of available vehicles.


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